Vienna: After Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the community event in Vienna on Wednesday, the members of the Indian diaspora shared their profound happiness over the PM's speech.

While speaking to ANI, a member of the Indian diaspora Shankar Reddy expressed the community's enthusiasm, stating that they are actively engaged and thrilled to welcome PM Modi.

"The whole Indian community and the diaspora were so engaged, so active and so thrilled to welcome the Prime Minister yesterday, today and we celebrate this momentum occasion, not only 40 years of India-Austria but also 75 years of diplomatic ties," said Shankar Reddy.

"I'm so happy, and so engaged to see this, looking forward to seeing many goals," he added

Following this, another member of the Indian diaspora Monica Gupta, who attended the event, said PM Modi's speech was impressive and his arrival energized the hall.

"PM Modi's speech was amazing. We were waiting for him. A positive energy was seen in the hall after his arrival. We enjoyed it a lot," Monica Gupta told ANI.

A member of the Indian diaspora Piyush Aggarwal also spoke with ANI after the event and expressed his admiration for the speech, stating that it was electrifying and inspiring.

He believes that the Indian diaspora in Austria has never felt such inspiration and motivation as they did after PM Modi's arrival.

"PM Modi's speech was electrifying. We enjoyed it. Indian diaspora never got such motivation that we got today after the arrival of PM Modi here," said Piyush Aggarwal.

Further, Rashmi, one more member of the Indian diaspora praised the speech, saying it was very good and expressed her gratitude for having the chance to listen to him.

"PM Modi's speech was very good. We are privileged that we got a chance to listen to him," said Rashmi.

Another member of the Indian diaspora said, "PM Modi's speech was amazing. It was a mesmerizing experience," Aisha Sharma said to ANI after PM Mod's speech.

(With Inputs From Agencies)