Pakistan PM equated BJP govt with Nazi regime and white supremacists. He claimed that India was built on racist ideology which sought to keep Hindus first. Imran Khan claimed that RSS adn BJP seek to treat Muslims like second-class citizens

Accusing India and the BJP of being founded on racist ideology, Pakistan PM Imran Khan on Tuesday equated Modi government with white supremacists and Hitler's Nazi party.

Addressing a joint session of the Pakistan parliament, called to discuss the Modi government's decision to abrogate Article 370 in Kashmir, Imran Khan said, "The BJP's mindset is like the mindset of white supremacists who go on mass shootings in the US. They are racists. If you look at elections, you will see that they did everything Hitler did during elections in Germany. They have backed the opposition into a corner."

The Pakistan PM, who recently asked United States President Donald Trump to mediate in the Kashmir dispute, said that the bilateral talks are not making any headway because India is not interested in talks.

Imran Khan claimed that the BJP acted upon the ideology of its founding fathers, who wanted India only for Hindus.

"They wanted to ensure that Muslims are treated as second-class citizens," Imran Khan said, adding that Pakistan's founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah was first to see through their agenda and thus advocated for two-nation theory.

Imran Khan claimed that India was built with a racist ideology of keeping Hindus first whereas Pakistan was based on equality to all humans.

The Pakistan PM also claimed that abrogation of Article 370 from Kashmir will result in another Pulwama. Claiming that Pakistan had nothing to do with Pulwama terror attack, Imran Khan said that the Modi government's decision will not be able to crush the people of Kashmir.

"If the situation deteriorates, it may lead to a conventional war, which will not result in anyone's victory as India and Pakistan are both nuclear powers," Imran Khan said. The Pakistan PM, however, claimed that he is not indulging in nuclear blackmail.

Imran Khan appealed to 'Modern Western Democracies' to intervene in the matter and assured the parliament that Pakistan government will rake up the issue at UNSC, UNGA and ICJ.