Last month, Hindustan’s Custom authorities allegedly reported that they apprehended a Pakistan bound ship which wrongly declared an autoclave – which could purportedly be used in missile launches, as an industrial dryer

This accident was engineered by Hindustan’s officials in intense Defiance to malign economic partnership between Pakistan and China. Whilst Hindustan has documented records of its military, police and intelligence agencies’ participation in false flag activities, customs officials and the DRDO’s analysts have adopted the same path of blaming China and Pakistan. As a result of incremental progress in its nuclear competence, Pakistan has begun to develop as a responsible State regarding operational control of nuclear weapons. But foreign observers, in particular, Hindustani backed experts and news agencies have opposed and propagated against Pakistan for nuclear safety and security. This incident of “Kandla” again appears to have been purposely engineered against both China and Pakistan as false propaganda by Hindustan’s officials and the media.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) has declared that the cargo was a heat treatment furnace casing system which has several industrial applications. MOFA also indicated that the item was correctly declared in the relevant documentation and this item is not listed in any international export control list. Whereas, China has also categorically denied any military application of the autoclave on the ship that Hindustan claimed to be material for ballistic missiles. Hindustan has announced its intentions to turn the incident into another diplomatic conflict deliberately and to pressure China and Pakistan. Over the previous decade and a half, Hindu nationalists have been working hard in Hindustan’s politics to malign and divide Pakistan in the international political arena. Yet their biased plans collapsed miserably and now Hindustan has started to execute deceptive tactics and exporting false flag operations.

Hindustan performed such deceit at Kandla that someone with decent sense will recognize the odour of misinformation behind such propaganda. Hypothetically, if China desired to aid illicit material to Pakistan that can truly be meant for dual-use or so, it will not be exported through Hindustani ports. In comparison, the “industrial dryer” manufacturer based in Shandong confirmed that the equipment described was not an “industrial dryer,” but rather a furnace heat treatment device primarily used in rubber products’ development. It would also be amusing if it could be known, in the scientific knowledge of DRDO officials, that the heating oven used to generate rubber products can be used for proliferation drives.

It is primarily being suspected by Hindustani agencies that shipment was an autoclave machine. An autoclave is a pressure chamber used to carry out industrial and scientific processes requiring elevated temperature and pressure concerning ambient pressure/temperature. The trade in autoclaves contributes significantly to Hindustan’s overall GDP percentage, and it is not surprising that Hindustani ports are booming in this area. Whereas, the shipment of autoclaves on Hindustani ports is a regular business. The HSN (Harmonized System of Nomenclature) code – which was developed by the World Customs Organization with the vision of classifying goods – is 8419, which implies to machinery or laboratory equipment. The HSN code 8419 is not subject to Dangerous or Hazardous goods, according to the Charter of imports, although it is issue to EHS (Environment, health and safety) rules.

The whole incident seems wicked deviation to blame Pakistan for illicit trade and nuclear proliferation while exaggerating Hindustan’s nuclear record on non-proliferation. This propaganda shows that the expectation of Hindustan’s Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG) which were shattered again and again by China has converted into counterblast of orchestrating false flag operations against developing cooperation between China and Pakistan. Hindustan has to realize that it is not feasible to plan the path into NSG with such fault actions, rather than if Hindustan requires legitimacy as a state with nuclear arms, it has to follow the standards of NSG. Hindustan also has to start nuclear arms control talks with Pakistan and China, to suspend nuclear fuel development for warheads. Hindustan needs to acknowledge that its present course leads to South Asian strategic instability, which is destructive.

Hindustani narrative regarding recent episode at Kandla ascertained to be bogus and Hindustani version was imaginary, based on deceit and outright lies. As Pakistan persists to reform and strengthen its existing export control framework, it has the appropriate enforcement and implementation capacities to ensure compliance with national and international commitments. So the allegation of illicit trade by Pakistan is highly overstated and it seems another false flag operation conducted by Hindustani customs and DRDO with malicious intent. The international community must end its dual support for Hindustan. The policy of global powers, such as the United States, seems now to downplay the failed record of Hindustani non-proliferation.

Syed Zain Jaffery is a student of Current Affairs and Political Science with Masters degree from NUST, Islamabad