Amid COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe, the Naga Students’ Organization (NSO), Myanmar has claimed that joint military operations by the government of Myanmar and India was being carried out in the northern western parts of Naga Self-Administered Zone (SAZ), Sagaing Region of Myanmar bordering India.

NSO through its media cell has appealed to the governments of India and Myanmar to promote peace and tranquillity besides development in the field of education, healthcare and socio-economy in Naga Hills instead of war.

NSO said that Naga villagers continue to live in fears and trauma under the military forces, adding that their voice and cries have gone unheard. 

The student body lamented that the joint operation was undergoing in Naga regions despite poor villagers already living in fear of COVID-19 pandemic.

NSO also appealed to the military forces of both Myanmar and India not to harass and torture the innocent villagers in the name of operation against the NSCN.

The organisation also requested all the Nagas to remain confined in respective villages and not to travel to town and cities in order to avoid the contracting coronavirus until the situation returned to normalcy. 

NSO asserted that one cannot imagine if the Covid 19-hits Naga hills, a place where even curable diseases in outside world cannot be treated.

NSO also urged all businessmen and shopkeepers in Layshi, Lahe and Nanyun, saying “Nagas are not money making machines and should not over charge on any commodities for daily consumption taking the advantage on coronavirus issues.”

Stop Military Activities: EKU (Myanmar)

Eastern Konyak Union (Myanmar) has also appealed to the Indian and Myanmar governments to stop the military activities in Naga areas.

In a press release, Eastern Konyak Union (EKU) Myanmar president SA Khotai and general secretary K Honwang said that since February Naga public have not been getting rice and other essential commodities due to coronavirus situation in the border area.

The union claimed that Myanmar army deployed in every Konyak village was checking the houses of innocent villagers instilling fear in the minds of people. “Public house is not the underground nest,” EKU said and maintained that they do not want gun fights in the midst of disease spreading. It has asked the military to immediately leave the public in peace.

EKU also urged the Naga NGOs and Naga people human rights to raise the issue on humanitarian ground as Eastern Konyaks were suffering due to “inhuman activities” by Indian and Myanmar government.