HCQ fake news propaganda liberal media Mumbai

The COVID-19 pandemic in India has helped liberals discover newfound vocational specializations, which range from epidemiology, economy, pharmaceuticals, demand-supply chains, et al. Particularly painful for them, has been India’s decision to supply needful countries with what has turned out to be a life-saving drug, hydroxychloroquine, which was thus far used as an anti-malarial drug across the world.

The temperatures soared among liberal quarters after President Donald Trump requested PM Modi to ease off export restrictions on the drug for the United States. Not only did India relax the export suspension of the drug for the USA, but we are now going to supply it to all needy countries ravaged by the Chinese virus.

Despite specific statements by the government that we will in no condition face a shortage of hydroxychloroquine for domestic usage, liberals have been persistent that the supply of the same has been severely hit, particularly in Maharashtra, with Times of India going the extra mile, by claiming that civic hospitals in Mumbai do not have stock of the drug.

In a report titled, “Drug Sent to US Unavailable for BMC Doctors,” Sujit Mahamulkar, assistant editor at TOI Mumbai, claimed that “many health care workers at civic hospitals could not get their weekly dose of hydroxychloroquine.” The report went on to quote one “civic hospital medico”, who said that doctors and others on COVID-19 duty did not get the third dose of the drug.

Liberals quickly jogged to share the same report on Mumbai and cry their hearts out, for how dare the Prime Minister of a sovereign nation take a humanitarian and foreign affairs call without consulting the many experts among the liberals, who seem to be specializing in all subjects under the sun.

Indiatimes, a subsidiary of the TOI group had published a similar story on 10th April, the same day TOI carried the above mentioned report. While Indiatimes deleted the story, TOI put its neck out to test the waters, albeit, to be exposed herein.

PIB’s Fact Check handle on Twitter demolished the Indiatimes report, by doing nothing less than stamping a screenshot of the same with the “FAKE” seal, saying, “MoHFW has allocated 34 lakh tablets of HCQ to Maharashtra upto 9 April. So supply is much more than present requirement. It has also made its own procurement.”

Moreover, BMC has also stated that there is no shortage of HCQ drug in the city. A senior BMC official said, “There is no shortage whatsoever. There are 90,000 HCQ tablets available with hospitals, while more than 10 lakh tablets are available in BMC stores. If some doctors feel that they are not getting the tablets, they need to check with their management because we have made sufficient provision.”

In fact, India has three-times more hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) than required and at least 3.28 crore tablets of the anti-malarial drug, that will fulfil an entire month’s requirement, the Union health ministry informed.

This is yet another instance of liberals and media outlets attempting to inflict chaos in the country, while it puts its heart and soul into combating the disease. While there are reports of common citizens being made to face the law for sharing fake news regarding COVID-19, the same must apply to the media, beginning with the Times of India for their baseless adventurism.