New Delhi: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has been taking potshots at his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi. He often refers to him as a “Hindutva Supremacist” and describes his ideology as “Nazi-inspired”.

Imran Khan has alerted the international community to what he describes India's “arrogant, expansionist policies” under Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

While claiming that New Delhi's approach is a threat to peace and stability in the region, Khan made a series of allegations against India on Wednesday highlighting an alleged false flag operation in Kashmir, a threat to Bangladesh through the Citizenship Amendment Act and the recent border dispute with Nepal and China.

“The Hindutva Supremacist Modi Govt with its arrogant expansionist policies, akin to Nazi's Lebensraum (Living Space), is becoming a threat to India's neighbours. Bangladesh through Citizenship Act, border disputes with Nepal & China, & Pak threatened with false flag operation,” said Khan in a Tweet on Wednesday.

Khan said the abrogation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir was a war crime under the Geneva Convention and objected to India claiming Pakistan administered Kashmir.

“All this after illegal annexation of India Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, a war crime under 4th Geneva Convention, & laying claim to Azad Jammu and Kashmir. I have always maintained the fascist Modi Govt is not only a threat to India's minorities by relegating them to 2nd class citizens' status, but also threat to regional peace,” he added.

The comments from Khan followed tensions between the armies of India and China along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh over the construction of a critical road by New Delhi. Due to the ongoing skirmish, India has stationed more troops and heavy armour along the LAC and China. 

Beijing claims that India has entered China and built military installations but India has denied the allegations.

A border dispute recently erupted with Nepal over a road construction via Lipulekh that connects India with Tibet. Nepal claims authority over Lipulekh while a new map released by the Indian home ministry includes the region as part of India. 

Pakistan has been particularly critical of India since the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government came to power, and Khan has been more recently been seeking to draw global attention to India's Citizenship Amendment Act, which grant citizenship to non-Muslim immigrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.