The indigenously-developed drone can also undertake night missions and detect humans hidden under deep forest covers. The stealthy drone cannot be detected by enemy radars. It has been designed to operate under rough weather conditions

New Delhi: On the backdrop of the recent standoff along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), the Indian Army has been provided special made-in-India drone by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), named Bharat, has been developed by Chandigarh-based laboratory of the DRDO.

Touted by the developers to be one of the 'world's most agile and lightest surveillance drones', the UAV has been developed fully indigenously by the DRDO. According to DRDO sources cited by news agency ANI, the "small yet powerful drone works autonomously at any location with great accuracy. The unibody biomimetic design with advance release technology is a lethal combination for surveillance missions".

Interestingly, the drone is equipped with artificial intelligence to detect friends and foes and then respond accordingly. Capable of surviving in extreme cold, the surveillance equipment has been developed keeping in mind extreme weather conditions along the LAC.

The drone has been made capable of survival in extreme cold weather temperatures and is being developed further for harsher weather. The drone provides real-time video transmission during the complete missions and with very advanced night vision capabilities, it can detect humans hidden in deep forests.

With transgression by the Chinese troops along the LAC as the major challenge, the drone also provides real-time video transmission during the mission and can even detect humans hidden under deep forest covers. The drone has also been equipped with night vision capabilities and its stealthy design ensures that its signature remains undetected from enemy radars.