NEW DELHI: With trust levels at an all-time low, India is not taking any chances along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh, with troops moving to vantage positions all along the border to detect and deter ingress moves by China. Talks at the brigade commander-level continued for the third successive day but sources said that no headway was made, with the Indian position clear that troops posted in the Chushul sub-sector were moved in response to aggressive Chinese movements and will not be withdrawn.

While ET has reported that Indian forces have taken positions at strategic heights of Chushul, including Rezang La, Rechin La and near Black Top, to take control of the southern bank of the Pangong Tso, sources said similar moves have been made all along the LAC in eastern Ladakh. “Troops have taken up vantage points in all key areas from Daulat Beg Oldie (in the north) to Chumar (in the south). These deployments are within our side of the border and have been undertaken to keep a check on any movements from the other side,” sources said.

Heavy troop deployments continue along both banks of the Pangong Tso, which is a hotspot for tensions since the Chinese side moved in troops to occupy a large tract of land in the Finger Area, located on the northern shore. Deployments in Chushul have given India control over the southern shore but China remains firmly in possession of an area extending from Finger 4 to Finger 8 in the north. Officials said precautionary deployments have been made in the Finger Area as well but there is no eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation as of now. “As part of the precautionary deployment carried out on August 30, 2020, some readjustments of our positions on North Bank of Pangong Tso on our side of LAC had also been carried out,” officials said.

Tensions in Eastern Ladakh are on a razor’s edge, with Indian troops at their highest level of alertness to thwart any further attempts by the Chinese to move in troops at new locations to create more flashpoints. Special attention is being focused on vulnerable areas like the Depsang plains, the Demchock sector and Chushul where Chinese troops have violated the LAC in the past as well.