HQ-16 is an unauthorised clone of Russia's S-300V Air Defence System (dubbed the Chinese S300)

Intel report suggests that the Chinese Army is helping Pakistan to install a surface-to-air missile near PoK reportedly around 50 km away from the LoC

China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is helping the Pakistan army to install missiles near PoK. So the Intel report suggests that China-Pakistan military cooperation can be seen at PoK. Pakistan is gearing up to gather support from China to avoid the blacklisting with FATF.

While Pakistan will have support from Turkey and Malaysia, Beijing is expected to push hard in Pakistan’s favour at the Financial Action Task Force meeting.

Reports emerged that Pakistan has deployed Chinese made ground-to-air (SAM) missiles for air defence of military bases. As per latest intelligence reports, Pakistan has decided to deploy Chinese made LY-80 ,a medium range surface to air missile.

LY-80 missiles from China, also called HQ-16, were included in the Pak Army in 2017.The Chinese made mobile air defence system LY-80 missiles can be easily moved from one place to another according to need and can hit any moving target up to 40 kilometres. Fearing attack from India in the future of greater intensity than Balakot, Pakistan is strengthening the security of its military establishments. According to an officer in central security establishment, deployment of LY-80 missiles is part of that increased vigil. 

According to the report, the Pakistani army has 5 systems of IBIS-150 radars and LY-80 missiles. LY-80 is a Chinese mobile air defence system, which is capable of tracking and destroying a variety of aerial targets at longer ranges flying at low and medium altitude. The HQ-16 is produced by China Precision Machinery Import and Export Corporation (CPMIEC). .The LY-80 missiles system, which comprises of IBIS-150 radar, is a 3D target search radar .They can track any target that comes from 150 kilometres away. It also has six-cell vertical missile-launchers. Each L-band tracking radar has a range of 85 km, and can detect up to six targets, of which it can track four. An HQ-16 battery comprises of a tracking radar and four missile launchers. 

China has decided to come in support of its 'all-weather ally' with Pakistan facing heat internationally post Pulwama attack. As per report, China will sell long-range technically-advanced drones 'Rainbow' to Pakistan. Rattled by the strike carried out by Indian Air Force on terrorist training camps in Balakot, Pakistan has decided to procure Chinese unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Rainbow CH-4 and CH5. 

According to the intelligence agency's report, Pakistan has decided to increase the number of drones in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir so that they can increase the surveillance on the international border including the Line of Control. 

The CH-4 can carry up to 400 kilograms of explosives and can stay in the air for 40 hours. It can cover a range of up to 5,000 kilometres. On the other hand, Rainbow CH-5 can carry up to 1,000 kilograms of explosives and stay in the air up to 60 hours. The drone can fly up to 17,000 feet height in the air.