Medium Bullet Proof Vehicle (MBPV) – ‘GAUR’ MK-II designed and developed indigenously by BEML with added safety features. The vehicle is equipped with Night vision camera, Blast resistance seat, GPS navigation, Radio and Telecommunication System. It boasts of Modular Armoured Hull, Central Tyre Inflation System and Run Flat Tyres. The vehicle shields security personal from arm fire and hand grenade attacks and has a carrying capacity up to 10 personnel.

BEML Gaur is a 4X4 all-wheel drive and specially designed for easy manoeuvrability, operability and maintainability.

BD50HST State-of-The-Art Heli-Portable Dozer

BEML has also introduced a small dozer which can be used for infrastructure development projects in mountainous regions of the nation.

The dozer is equipped with latest technology such as advance ‘Electric Monitoring System’ for accurate & smooth operations and adjustable ‘Operator Sheet’ for operator’s comfort. It can quickly assemble and dissemble at a short period. This Dozer can be used at remote locations like Border Roads for clearing debris, laying of road and capable of withstanding extreme temperature variations.