Strong presence of Airbus at Aero India 2021Airbus is showcasing a wide selection of its advanced sustainable aerospace technologies and services Aero India 2021. “Airbus’ participation at Aero India is a reaffirmation of our commitment to the rapid modernisation and indigenisation of the Indian aerospace and defence sector,” states RĂ©mi Maillard, President and Managing Director, Airbus India & South Asia. “The exhibition is a foremost platform to highlight innovations and technological advancements achieved in this sector, and we are proud to be able to showcase our best products and services to the show.”
EADS CASA C-295 twin-turboprop tactical military transport aircraft and A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) aerial refuelling tanker

The display includes Airbus› innovative products along with its customer services and training capabilities. A section is dedicated to highlight the company›s strategic local industrial partnerships focused on developing a sustainable aerospace ecosystem in the country. On display are scale models of the C295 medium transport aircraft digital display of the A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) aircraft.

As for helicopters, there are scale models of the H225M multi-role helicopter and the AS565MBe Panther, the all-weather, multi-role force multiplier. A special attraction is the S850 radar on a digital platform, a high-power satellite offering extensive SAR capabilities, including the monitoring of a high number of targets with frequent revisits and enhanced performance in a single pass.

Airbus H145M Multi-Role Helicopter: ‘The Flying Command Post’

The Airbus H145M is a true multi-role helicopter as, in addition to tactical air transport of six fully equipped special-forces commandos, this light twin-engine helicopter can be deployed for fire support, armed reconnaissance, evacuation of wounded or for hostage rescue. But attention is shifting to ever greater extent to its use as a flying command post.

In cooperation with industrial partners, Airbus Helicopters is working to further expand the command, control, communications, computer, collaboration and intelligence (C5I) capabilities of the H145M. Helicopters are able to manoeuvre in low-level airspace in a way that fixed-wing aircraft and UAVs simply cannot – all the while collecting and collating data for distribution to ground-based units on the battlefield.

To exploit these capabilities to the maximum, Airbus Helicopters is working to equip the H145M with jam-resistant Link 16 Variable Message Format (VMF) technology and a Battle Management System (BMS) for enhanced networking. BMS integration has already been successfully demonstrated on numerous occasions. With this connection, the long range and high speed of helicopters compared with ground-based systems represents a particular challenge. A demonstration of digitally aided close air support (DACAS) and digitally aided MEDEVAC with VMF and Link 16 is in preparation.

Courtesy: Airbus Helicopters