Greece and India are now getting even closer, following the presence of the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Athens. At the same time Turkey has created an axis with Pakistan and is also challenging India in Kashmir.

Turkey is turning into a far-right Islamic country, as is Pakistan, while Islamabad is helping Turkey on the nuclear issue, as Erdogan's goal is to acquire nuclear weapons. Greece and India have many that unite them, while there are ties from the time of Alexander the Great.

Athens and Delhi have two common enemies, Turkey and Pakistan.

That is why we should cooperate in the area of information exchange and in the defence sector. India produces weapons systems that could change the flow of things.

One of these Indian defence products is the BrahMos cruise missile with a range of 290 km and a speed of 3.5 Mach, which can equip Rafale aircraft. Our country supplied 18 Rafale with the first landing in July in Tanagra, with their cruise missile equipment as their

The Greek air force is likely to be testing equipment even with Indian missiles, and expert analysts say Washington will probably not bring any obstacles because of the fight between India and China.

The BrahMos missile would be a formidable weapon in our new French aircraft, causing panic in Ankara combined with the ability of Greek pilots.

We do not know exactly what is possible to implement in all this, but we recall that the Director-General of the Directorate-General for National Defence Policy, Dr. Konstantinos P. Balos, welcomed on 25 May 2021, the Following Defence of India Colonel Anupam Ashish, to the Ministry of National Defence, in the framework of bilateral defence relations between Athens and New Delhi.

At the meeting, topics of common interest were discussed and further broadened cooperation on military training activities, in particular bilateral and multilateral exercises and operational training, military academic training and hybrid threat response.

General E.A. Rajan Kochhar. he had talked about the alliance that Greece and India should form, and said that Athens and New Delhi could work together in the field of the defence industry.

"The Turkey-Pakistan alliance is strengthening. The two countries are constantly conducting exercises with warships in the A. Mediterranean. Islamabad has also ordered 4 corvettes from Turkey. Erdogan wants to rebuild the Ottoman Empire, that's his dream.

So Erdogan's goal is to acquire nuclear weapons, so he will achieve his goals; recently we had a meeting of high-ranking officials, where the transfer of technology from Pakistan to Turkey was discussed; Greece and India need to develop stronger ties; we see that there is an alliance between France, Israel, the US, Greece and India; these countries can make Greece even stronger," he stressed, among other things.

The bottom line as a nation is to prevent events now and not to run behind them. India, Egypt, Israel, France, USA, are countries that we can take weapons and technology to act alone against the Turks if and when required.

Translated from the Greek