MSMEs selling such technologies to both the markets earn bigger revenues

The dual uses available for defence technology that are developed by micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) can propel them to greater heights, a senior defence ministry official said Wednesday. Various technologies such as night vision goggles have civilian use as well as military use. MSMEs selling such technologies to both the markets earn bigger revenues.

"A robust industrial ecosystem is a product of diversity. Diversity means diversity between the public sector and the private sector. Diversity between the bigger and the smaller players. Diversity of territories, experience, capabilities and capacities," Sanjay Jaju, Additional Secretary (Defence Production) in the Ministry of Defence, said during an ASSOCHAM event.

An ecosystem is created when there is a marriage and a marriage can happen when both sides are complimenting each other, he said.

"I think everyone has its own USP and this is where the role of MSMEs as rising stars is very important in our defence and military industrial ecosystem," he noted.

Defence, because of the importance being given by the government of India, has started to become a good economic multiplier, Jaju said.

"I can assure that the once you get into the defence business, the dual uses that are available will propel your business to bigger heights...I am confident that our MSMEs are going to be the rising star of our defence business," he said.