New Delhi: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Friday took over a case of propagation of Jihadi terrorism and re-registered a case.

The case is related to Bangladeshi nationals SK Shabbir, Joseph and others, who had illegally entered India and are sympathizers of a terrorist organization.

According to NIA, they had hatched a conspiracy along with their unknown associates to wage war by recruiting, motivating vulnerable Muslim youth against the Government of India as well as neighbouring Bangladesh to establish a 'Caliphate', by removing democratically elected government by means of criminal force.

"They were propagating their ideology and hatred in society by following, sending and sharing various Jihadi texts, posts and videos through Facebook profile named as 'Sekh Sabbir'," said NIA.

The NIA re-registered the case following the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) order. The case was initially registered by Special Task Force (STF) Kolkata on July 10 this year under charges of various Indian Penal Code (IPC) sections and Section 14A (b) Foreigner Act.

Pursuant to the registration of the case, the anti-terror agency said, requisites actions as per law for the expeditious investigation of the case have been initiated.