The seventh frigate of P1135.6 class for the Indian Navy was launched at Yantar shipyard in Kaliningrad on Thursday in the presence of Indian Ambassador to Russia D Bala Venkatesh Varma, the Defence Ministry said During the launching ceremony, the ship was formally named as "Tushil", which means protector shield in Sanskrit, the ministry's statement noted.

The Indian and Russian governments had in October 2016 signed an agreement to construct four additional P1135.6 class ships -- two each in Russia and India.

These ships feature "stealth technology" in terms of low radar and under water noise signatures, the ministry stated.

"These ships are being equipped with major Indian supplied equipment such as surface to surface missiles, sonar system, surface surveillance radar, communication suite and anti-submarine warfare system along with Russian surface to air missiles and gun mounts," the ministry mentioned.

Senior officials of the Russian government and the Indian Navy were present at Thursday's launching event, it said.