On November 20, Islamists and terror sympathisers from across the globe chalked out plans on Twitter to create instability, chaos and unrest in the Indian Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

The matter came to light when Aarti Tikoo, the Editor-in-Chief of The New Indian, posted about it on the micro-blogging platform. In a tweet, she informed, “Last night jihadis across continents held a closed room Twitter Spaces discussion on their future strategy to perpetrate terrorist violence against Indian nationalist Muslims & security forces in Kashmir.”

One of the Islamists could be heard speaking in the local Kashmiri dialect and called for a review of strategies. Aarti Tikoo informed, “An Islamist says India has figured out all the old strategies. So now it’s time for them to change the course. Advises it’s time to come to the streets in Kashmir, attack forces; create chaos, anarchy & terror in WINTERS so that Pakistan has enough cover fire to attack India.”

One Islamist conceded that Kashmiri Muslim diaspora in US/UK used to collaborate and pay money to mainstream political parties in Jammu and Kashmir such as PDP and NC to secure the release of Islamic terrorists. He conceded that they are allied with separatists but have become helpless under the Modi regime.

“They (PDP and NC) are trying to become more Indian than Indians. We know what BJP/RSS want to do. We know what strategies they are using. At one point, they even considered Farukh Abdullah for the position of President of India. That is how much they loved/ facilitated him. We know what they have done to him. Anyone who is now trying to become more loyal than Farukh Abdullaah, understand where you stand,” the Islamist could be heard as saying.

The Editor-in-Chief of the New Indian tweeted, “Another suggestion from an Islamist—“Allure & trap Indian nationalist Muslims & security forces. Give them gifts, show them Kashmiri hospitality because Indians fall for it. Subvert their systems & paralyse them. That’s how a new war against India must start in Kashmir.”

Kashmiri Leaders Demand Rollback of Abrogation of Article 370

Recently, PDP president Mehbooba Mufti and National Conference (NC) Member of Parliament (MP) Hasnain Masoodi demanded that the Prime Minister revoke all decisions taken on August 5, 2019, concerning Jammu and Kashmir. She had tweeted, “Decision to repeal farm laws & an apology is a welcome step, even though it stems from electoral compulsions & fear of drubbing in elections. Ironical that while BJP needs to please people in rest of India for votes, punishing & humiliating Kashmiris satisfies their major vote bank.”

Mr Masoodi of the National Conference, too, urged PM Modi to introspect the case of the 2019 decisions, through which Jammu and Kashmir were stripped of their separate status.