Nipun mines were developed by an Indian firm in partnership with the DRDO

The Indian Army is set to receive indigenously designed and developed anti-personnel and anti-tank mines, which will help security personnel foil attempts made by adversaries on the borders with Pakistan and China.

“Indian Army's Corps of Engineers getting a new set of anti-personnel and anti-tank mines for acting as the first line of defence against enemy infantry and armoured columns or terrorist trying to infiltrate into own territory,” army officials familiar with the developments told news agency ANI.

“The Indian Army is going to induct 7 lakh indigenously developed 'Nipun' anti-personnel mines which carry a potent mix of RDX,” a security official familiar with the developments also told ANI.

The Corps of Engineers is showcasing the indigenous equipment in Pune, which were inducted into the army for carrying out anti-terror operations against the enemy as well as defending its own areas.

Nipun mines were developed by an Indian firm in partnership with the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

The Corps of Engineers are also carrying out trials of Vibhav and Vishal anti-tank mines, all of which are indigenously developed next-generation anti-tank mines.

The officials said along with these mines, Prachand, Ulka and Parth are also some of the new mines which will be inducted into the army after trials are conducted successfully. They also said some of these mines are at an advanced stage of user trials.

These mines possess greater stopping power against enemy tanks due to their advanced design and sensors.

The army said it started the induction of high head water pumps in areas at high altitudes along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China.

“The Indian Army started inducting 200 high head water pumps which can help pump water and fuel to locations at higher altitudes in those areas. Two hundred of these pumps are being inducted into the Corps of Engineers under the emergency procurement powers,” the official added.