Russia has recently performed routine testing of S-500 anti-missile defence systems in the Arctic region and the prototypes of the S-550 are still to be created

Russia has recently performed routine testing of S-500 anti-missile defence systems in the Arctic area, a source told Sputnik on December 29. The source further revealed that prototypes of the S-550 are still to be created. The long-range missile of the system was launched against a hypersonic target, which was effectively destroyed. “Further tests of the S-500 will be held", citing the source, Sputnik reported.

Furthermore, during the month of September, Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov stated that the new S-500 anti-aircraft missile system had passed official testing and that the first batches had been given to the country's armed services. Following that in November, Dmitry Shugaev, the head of Russia's Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC), indicated that India, as well as China, may receive Russia's modernistic S-500 anti-aircraft missile systems in the future.

India Might Be The First Country To Buy Russia's S-500 Air Defence Systems

As reported by Sputnik, Putin had told the BBC that Russia is considering India, China, and all other nations with whom it has long-standing cooperation and predictable mutual connections as prospective owners of this cutting-edge equipment. Further, on December 13, Deputy PM Yury Borisov stated that India might be the first country to purchase Russia's S-500 air defence systems. This announcement was made days after Russian President Vladimir Putin visited India.

The S-500 Anti-Missile is a missile interceptor and destroyer that can detect and destroy intercontinental ballistic missiles, supersonic cruise missiles, as well as aircraft. It is a next-generation surface-to-air missile system with a 600-kilometre range.

Meanwhile, earlier in the month of December, Russia had deployed coastal missile defence systems nearby Pacific islands which were also claimed by Japan. Russia's Bastion missile systems were deployed to Matua, a barren volcanic island in the midst of the Kuri Island group, as per a press release. The Russian Defence Ministry had released video footage displaying massive missile carriers ashore from amphibious landing ships as well as driving along the volcanic island's coast to hold firing positions as part of exercises.