The Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is angry and frustrated with his "master" the Pakistani military establishment as it has refused to bail him out at a time when he is facing a crucial no-confidence motion against his government, in what is shaping up to be his toughest test since coming to power in 2018. The establishment has also asked Khan to "resign" as he has lost majority in the parliament.

"I salute India. India's foreign Policy is better than Pakistan's, they work for their people, the Indian army is not corrupt and they never interfere in civilian govt" Imran Khan said in a public meeting on Sunday without mentioning the name of Pakistani army.

Pakistani observers see Khan's statement as a dig at the Pakistani military establishment which controls the country's foreign policy and the civilian government. Three years ago, it was the Pakistani army or military establishment, rigging the elections in favour of Imran Khan, to head the "hybrid" regime. But now, the army generals have realised that their "Project Imran" have failed miserably and decided to "dump" him.

"The army is not has never been. Though they claim to be neutral, it's the army who are helping the opposition against Imran Khan and Imran Khan is unable to digest this fact that his benefactors have ditched him," says one Pakistani watcher.

There are reports that Imran Khan was "adviced" by the Pakistani army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa and ISI chief Lt General Nadeem Anjum to step down after the OIC meeting without further escalating the matter.

"While Khan complained to Bajwa about his "neutrality," the army chief is reported to have advised him to follow the Constitution and act responsibly", said one insider referring to the meeting which took place on Friday.

But Imran Khan is in no mood to listen and has decided to take the fight to the streets. He has asked "millions" of supporters to reach to the Pakistan National Assembly on March 27, a day before the no-confidence motion against him will be tabled in the assembly.

"I want all records of public attendance to be broken, to fight for the soul of Pakistan. We stand with what is right and condemn such shameless buying of politicians' souls by political mafias to protect their looted wealth," he said in his tweet.

Imran Khan has also warned his "deserted" parliamentarians, of dire consequences.

"You will not be able to attend public gatherings and no one will marry your children when they grow up," Khan asserted. "I am just like a father figure to you all. But for God's sake, don't make such a big mistake by joining hands with the corrupt Opposition. Think about your children's future."

Khan is still hoping that the "divine" power of Allah will come to rescue him.

"Allah is watching this and bad people will not go unpunished," he tweeted.