Kabul: The Taliban regime in Afghanistan has reportedly deployed artillery units near the Pakistan border in a development that can potentially raise the tensions on the Durand line to new heights.

According to reports, the Taliban forces have positioned their artillery units in the areas of Asmar and Nari in the Kunar province of Afghanistan against the Pakistani border forces.

The development is significant considering the increasing tensions between the Taliban regime and the Pakistani border forces since the former's takeover of Kabul in August last year. The Taliban doesn't recognise the British-era Durand Line as the official border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Earlier this month, Afghan border security personnel continued to display an aggressive attitude along the Durand Line even after the Pakistan authorities on February 25 conveyed to Kabul that their Military Liaison Officers were present at Kabul to provide military to military links and facilitate day to day coordination, management of border issues and provision of cross border support, local media had reported.

The Taliban forces have regularly committed cross border violations and have displayed blatant disregard of mutually agreed and established procedures along the Durand Line, local media reported.

Islamabad had already suggested to the Afghan authorities to resolve all border alignment issues through the formulation of a Joint Committee and requested to stop construction in contentious areas/divided villages till the resolution of the issues, but no response had apparently been received from the Afghan side.

On their part, Afghan authorities have expressed concern over recent violations of Afghan air space and firing with heavy weapons on Afghan security force by the Pakistani Army, reported the local media.

The latest development is expected to only worsen the situation of the Pakistani establishment, which is already facing a re-energised Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) at home, and a surging Baloch insurgency.

Terror incidents in Pakistan have increased by a whopping 56 per cent in 2021, with a significant increase in the later months, after the Taliban's takeover of Kabul.