Jerusalem: The Chinese control over East Turkistan is a strategy by the Chinese government in waging a genocide and occupying the region under a false pretext of "anti-terrorism."

The main motto of China is eradicating the Turkic and the Uighur peoples to ensure that East Turkistan becomes an "inseparable part of China" as reported by The Jerusalem Post.

Earlier, after Chinese President Xi Jinping went on to "achieve Chinese national rejuvenation," he imposed heinous crimes against the Turkic people. Chinese authorities sent more than 3 million Uighurs, Kyrgyz, Kazakhs and Turkic people into concentration camps as means of "re-education".

Those sent to the concentration camps were subjected to severe torture, slavery, forced indoctrination, rape, and also forced sterilization, stated The Jerusalem Post.

According to the Chinese government, it has brought "development and modernization" into East Turkistan. However, in reality, the only thing that the Chinese benefitted from the act was genocide, occupation, and colonization.

Hundreds of Turkic and Uighur people suffered from marginalization and abject poverty while many others have been enforced into forced labour by numerous Chinese organizations. In fact, the US government has officially acknowledged China's current brutal crimes imposed upon the Uighurs and the Turkic people, as stated in The Jerusalem Post.

Moreover, the Chinese government had manipulated the Global War on Terror by labelling the Turkic people's struggle for freedom and external self-determination as "separatism," their religious piety as "extremism," and all resistance to Chinese occupation and colonisation, including peaceful protests, as "terrorism."

Further, the Chinese government still claims that East Turkistan is a part of China itself, naming it Xinjiang, meaning "new territory". However, as per historical records, East Turkistan was never a China's part and the people residing there have a long history of independence, stated The Jerusalem Post.

The Chinese government has so far refused to allow independent international investigations into the crimes they committed in East Turkistan, as stated by the Jerusalem Post. However, recently, Israel also voted at the UN Human Rights Council to denounce China's crimes in East Turkistan against Uighurs and Turkic peoples.