Lucknow: Demanding UN intervention to investigate crimes and discrimination against the Shia minority in Pakistan, a Shia organization on Friday held protests in Uttar Pradesh's capital Lucknow.

The protests carried out by the All India Shia Hussaini Fund (AISHF) involved banners and placards condemning discrimination and atrocities against Shias in Pakistan, calling it a "state conspiracy".

A petition carrying 7000 signatures has also been prepared by the organization to be sent to the United Nations (UN). The petition demands the UN's intervention in the alleged crimes and discrimination against the Shia minority in Pakistan.

The event was held amidst reports of multiple anti-Shia incidents that occurred in Pakistan, over the last few weeks. A recent bomb blast at a Shia mosque in Peshawar killed over 60 people.

There have been targeted attacks against the Shias at both individual and community levels. Hate crime against Shias is also on an unprecedented rise in the country.

Pakistan is a Sunni dominant country where Shias allege that they are not treated at par with other citizens.

Apart from the Shias, other minority groups including people of other faiths like Hinduism and Christianity, as well as other sects of Islam are regular targets of Sunni fundamentalists.

Shias allege that the discrimination against them happens under the patronage of the authorities. The community members seek international cognizance of the issue in order to initiate and ensure justice for the Shias.