Northern Command, Indian Army has released a Request For Information (RFI) for the procurement of Digital Night Vision Goggles (DNVG).

TONBO Imaging

TONBO Imaging a firm based out of Bangalore designs, develops, and deploys sensing solutions that can see beyond the visible, process complex data for enhanced situational awareness and control dynamic environment for rapid decision making and increased autonomy. The solutions cater to critical market needs in security, defence, reconnaissance, and intelligent transportation and logistics. TONBO could well be the go to source for hi-tech vision equipment for the armed forces.

Possible Acquisition

FBNVG is a MIL qualified lightweight, fused binocular night vision goggles integrated with the latest generation night vision tubes and state of the art high resolution thermal imager with optical sensor fusion.

The goggles support Image Intensifier only, TI only or a Fused Mode. The goggles can also be operated in an AR Display mode with video output from Tonbo’s Spartan-S Thermal Weapon Sight.

Duvi-B is a compact, helmet mounted dual sensor fused Night Vision Goggle (DNVG).

Duvi-B is binocular and has an inbuilt processor that digitally fuses video feeds from the thermal imager and low lux imager in real time giving soldiers the ability to select clear/day view, thermal view or Fused  view.

Digital Fusion eliminates critical design flaws seen on optical fusion technology when dealing with targeting system such as ghosting, image alignment and fusion picture sub setting etc.

It provides the dismounted war fighter exceptional day/night capability to detect potential threats in adverse battlefield conditions while providing high fidelity situational awareness required for user mobility, rapid target assessment and engagement.

TONBO also manufactures a wide range of products which could enhance the surveillance and reconnaissance possibilities for the Indian Army.