Jabalpur: Union minister Prahlad Singh Patel on Saturday said Pakistan is jealous of the peace prevailing in India and its growing reputation and called for the caution to guard against the use of religious fanatics to create unrest.

Against the backdrop of protests in West Bengal and other states over the remarks of former BJP functionaries Nupur Sharma and Naveen Kumar Jindal against Prophet Mohammad, the minister said the creation of a conflict in this diverse culture is a challenge for the country and is a matter of concern.

“Everyone knows that some people are jealous of the rising reputation and peace in India. Who are they? It’s our neighbour Pakistan. Our country needs to be alert if someone going on this path using some fanatics on religious grounds. The government is on alert and going to act as per the law,” Patel said after attending a programme.

He said creating such a situation in the country’s mixed culture, which has no conflict, is a matter of concern and a challenge for the country.

“I confidently say that somewhere the forces from abroad might have bad intentions and conspire but those who are here (in the country) are becoming their (forces from abroad) weapon, and the country needs to be alert about them,” he said.

The Central government and the BJP want the Ganga-Jamuni tradition (religious harmony) to continue in the country, Patel added.