TATA Light Armoured Multipurpose Vehicle (LAMV) which is in the contention for the order

The Indian Army is planning to procure approximate quantity 800 Light Armoured Multipurpose Vehicle (LAMV) for Mechanised Infantry and Armoured Corps. This Request for Information (RFI) is being issued with a view to finalise Services Qualitative Requirements (SQRs), decide procurement category and identify probable Indian vendors who are capable to undertake the said project and deliver the said LAMVs within a period of 36 months from date of Award of Contract @ 300 LAMV per year.

LAMV is planned to be procured in sync with ‘Make in India’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ initiative. The preferred categorisation for the project is Buy (Indian-IDDM) and accordingly provisions of the ibid category as mentioned in DAP 2020 will be applicable. In case the vendors appreciate that categorisation be any other than Buy (Indian-IDDM), the same be justified in response to the proposed categorization along with certification for ‘Indigenous Content’ as per provisions of para 21 of Chapter 1 of DAP 2020.

The LAMV will be employed by Reconnaissance (Recce) & Surveillance Platoons of Mechanised Infantry and Recce Troops of Armoured Corps for Recce & Surveillance tasks. Hence, the proposed LAMV must possess adequate mobility and provide protection for troops on board. In addition, it should be able to carry the battle loads to include weapons, ammunition, surveillance and communication equipment required to carry out mandated operational tasks. The LAMV should be modular in design, thereby offering the scope for future upgrades through simple modifications and to facilitate subsequent development.

The proposed LAMV will be employed in following conditions:

Terrain Conditions: LAMV will be employed for on road and cross country (off road) movement in under mentioned terrain conditions
-Plain and desert terrain as occurring along Western Borders of India.
-High Altitude (up to 5000 meters altitude)/Mountainous terrain including snow bound areas as occurring along Northern Borders (Eastern Ladakh/North Sikkim) of India.
Weather Conditions: LAMV should be operational by day & night and in commonly encountered weather conditions in above terrains.
Temperature Conditions: The LAMV including all sub-systems should be operational in following ambient temperature conditions:

- Plain and Desert Terrain.
 -Minimum Operating Temperature: Between 0° to 05° Celsius.
 -Maximum Operating Temperature: Between 40° to 45° Celsius.
 -High Altitude & Mountainous Terrain.
- Minimum Operating Temperature: Between (-)20° to (-)

Operational Requirements: The following main operational tasks will have to be performed by troops on board the LAMV:

-Carry out silent recce and continuous surveillance of intended area of operations with protected mobility in the battle field and provide early warning & intelligence of hostile elements.
-Usage and carriage of weapons, ammunition, surveillance and communication equipment along with recce and marking stores apart from integrating with dynamic resources viz Drones & Loiter Munitions.
-Observe the intended area through integrated surveillance equipment {in service Battle Field Surveillance Radar (BFSR) and Hand Held Thermal Imager (HHTI)} on a telescopic retractable mast and use Machine Gun (in service 7.62 mm MAG/ 12.7 mm MG) mounted on a hatch for bringing down effective fire.