Chinese spy ship ‘Yuan Wang-7’ on patrol in the South China Sea

New Delhi: Not only Ladakh, Sikkim or Arunachal, this time China also wants to monitor India on waterways. But India is not a vessel to leave. Internally, the Indian Navy has prepared its own special forces for the China war of the ship to keep an eye on The whole thing is kept very secret. There is growing tension around Chinese ships trying to enter Sri Lankan ports.

The spy ship ‘Yuan Wang-5’ is scheduled to arrive at Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port on Thursday. But Colombo has already under pressure from New Delhi requested to postpone the visit of ‘Yuan Wang-5’ to Hambantota indefinitely. But that request is not working. The Beijing ship is proceeding towards Sri Lanka.

It is believed that the ship moving at a speed of 26 kilometers per hour will reach Hambantota on the scheduled day, i.e. 11th morning. India protested after learning of the ship’s arrival. Spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs Arindam Bagchi said that the government always keeps an eye on the issues that may affect the security and economic interests of the country.

It is clear from his statement that India will keep an eye on Sri Lankan ports. Built in 2007, the 11,000 ton surveillance ship started its journey from the port of Jiangyin to the South China Sea. In early July, Beijing asked Sri Lanka to allow the satellite surveillance ship to use the Hambantota port as a port for a few days.

It also received initial consent. But then the situation changed. Colombo sent a message to Beijing under the pressure of India. The ship has the capability to carry out aerial surveillance in an area of ​​750 km. So, if desired, the ship can monitor the nuclear research centre and the Kalpakkam and Kudankulam areas along the Indian border.

Also can collect information about ports in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. So the fear will increase if the ship finally arrives at Hambantota. It is said by China that India is trying to prevent the ship from coming to Sri Lanka by talking about security, it is meaningless. All in all, it is clear that Beijing will not back down easily. Now let’s see if India comments on this.