Trials of the Pinaka extended range rocket are going on in the Pokhran firing ranges in Rajasthan & multiple successful test firings have been carried out during these tests. Developed by DRDO, the rockets are produced by private sector firm: DRDO officials stated

New Delhi: Trials of the Pinaka extended range rocket, developed by DRDO, were carried out in the Pokhran firing ranges in Rajasthan on Wednesday. Multiple successful test firings were carried out during these trials, officials said.

Developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), the Pinaka extended range rockets are produced by private sector firm.

The test fire today took place in the presence of Army and DRDO officers. The 15 feet long missile of Advance Navigation and Control System destroyed the target as per the prescribed standard.

The Pinaka Enhanced Rocket System and the Pinaka Area Denial Munition Rocket Systems were successfully test fired in April this year.

Developed with modern technology the rocket systems meet the emerging requirements.

In July this year, the Defence Ministry had approved DRDO projects which will give a fillip to the Army’s firepower as Guided Extended Range ammunition. Also, area denial munition rockets for Pinaka rocket launchers were also cleared by it.

The Guided Extended Range Rocket Ammunition has a range of 75 km with an accuracy of 40 meters.

This year in April, the DRDO and the Indian Army had successfully test fired Pinaka MK-1 (Enhanced) Rocket System and Pinaka Area Denial Munition (ADM) rocket systems from the same Pokhran Firing Ranges.

As many as 24 EPRS rockets were fired for different ranges and different warhead capabilities to meet the objectives of consistency and accuracy.

DRDO had said that in the war ground, long-range artillery systems such as Pinaka are used for attacking the adversary targets prior to close quarter battles which involve smaller range artillery, armoured elements and the infantry.

DRDO started the development of the Pinaka in the late 1980s, as an alternative to the multi barrel rocket launching systems of Russian make called like the 'Grad', which are used even now.