Srinagar: Security Forces have almost drawn the last nail in the coffin of Pakistan-sponsored terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir leaving the terror bosses sitting across the Line of Control (LoC) exasperated.

Recently, J-K Police arrested three hybrid terrorists, Waseem, Yawar and Muzammil for their involvement in the killing of Mohammad Amrez, a labourer hailing from Bihar. He was shot dead by the terrorists in August this year at Sadunara in North Kashmir's Bandipora district.

The arrested trio after questioning revealed that they had kept a watch on outside labourers and wanted to strike fear among them by such killings. They were in touch with a Pakistan handler code-named Babar and Amreez's killing was carried out at his direction.

After August 5, 2019--when the Centre announced its decision to abrogate J-K's special status and bifurcated it into two Union Territories--terrorist bosses sitting in Pakistan have made desperate attempts to terrorize the people, especially the non-locals and the members of the minority communities.

Terrorists operating in Kashmir during the past three years have made desperate attempts to vitiate peace by targeting innocents. The arrested terrorists have revealed that their bosses sitting across the Line of Control have given them clear-cut instructions to kill people for conflict to remain alive.

The attacks on the members of minority communities and non-locals were carried out under a well-devised conspiracy to push them out of Kashmir so that 1990 like the situation is recreated but the minorities and non-locals have held their ground. They haven't left Kashmir, nor have they got intimidated by the pressure exerted by the terrorists.

Swift Action By Security Forces Instils Confidence

The swift action by the security forces against the terrorists has prevented the situation from taking an ugly turn. Terrorists who were involved in the killings of innocents have either been eliminated or arrested. The security forces acting tough against the killers instilled confidence among the people to stay firm in their fight against terrorism and the terrorists.

Terrorism in the Union Territory is on its last legs and the final assault has been launched to neutralize the terrorism forever.

Personnel of the Jammu and Kashmir Police along with the central armed forces have rendered invaluable sacrifices to defeat the elements sponsored by Pakistan. The security forces have achieved a lot on different fronts and Jawans are working hard to ensure that normalcy in Kashmir becomes a permanent feature.

The work and sacrifices of the security forces have been acknowledged by the entire country, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah and others.

Hurriyat Becomes History

It's not only the terrorism that has been controlled, separatists, who used to act as advocates of Pakistan in Kashmir, have been cut to size. The Hurriyat Conference, funded by the terror bosses sitting across the LoC, has wound up its offices as there is no one left in Kashmir to carry forward the agenda of separatism and sedition.

To fill in the void a new chapter of the Hurriyat has been opened in Pakistan to provoke people of J-K. However, its shutdown call on August 5 this year was totally ignored by the people of J-K. Instead, there were huge celebrations.

Terrorists based in Pakistan were using social media to instigate youth to foment trouble in the Himalayan region, but after the scrapping of Article 370, people in Jammu and Kashmir are not falling into their trap as they have understood that neither Pakistan nor the terrorists are their friends.

They have rejected the path of violence and their overwhelming participation in national events like Har Ghar Tiranga campaign and Independence Day celebrations is ample proof of the fact that no one in Kashmir is interested in what Pakistan is trying to preach.

All Out Efforts

The security forces are putting in all-out efforts to consolidate peace in J-K and no chance is being provided to anti-national elements to regroup and put Kashmir on the path of destruction again.

During the past three years, security agencies have dismantled the terror ecosystem which sustained the terror for 30 years. Terrorist supporters and sympathizers are being identified and nailed. The network of the over ground workers that helped the terrorists to carry on with their nefarious acts has been trampled.

Politicians, who posed as nationalists and supported the separatists and Pakistan, have been cut to size and made to understand that the days to sail in two boats have ended. The government employees with separatist leanings have been told in clear terms that it's the government whom they serve and they cannot indulge in any such activity which is against the national interest.

Spirit of Nationalism

After 2019, the spirit of nationalism has been inculcated among the people. The alienation that prevailed during the rule of politicians has been addressed. The abrogation of Article 370 has made every Kashmiri realize that he is an Indian and the country cares for him.

The inculcation of nationalism has helped people of J-K to differentiate between friends and foes. The Himalayan region witnessing massive development in 3-years has made it clear that New Delhi always wanted J-K to prosper and come at par with other states across the country but the Pakistan-sponsored terrorism and Article 370 acted as biggest stumbling blocks.

Pak Suffers Severe Blows

Pakistan has lost the proxy war that it fought in the Himalayan region. Till 2019, it kept J-K on the precipice through its stooges. But in the last three years it has suffered consecutive blows as the present dispensation led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is no mood to compromise with the terrorists, their sponsors and their advocates.

The security forces have been given a free hand to wipe out terrorism from J-K and a mechanism has been devised to ensure that terror doesn't raise its ugly head again.

The Ministry of Home Affairs led by Amit Shah is directly monitoring anti-terror operations in the Union Territory and is providing all the support to the security forces to end the era of bloodshed in Jammu and Kashmir.

Terrorist handlers based in Pakistan and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir have given clear-cut instructions to the terrorists to keep on spilling the blood but their nefarious designs are being foiled on a daily basis by the security agencies.

Jammu and Kashmir have changed after its complete merger with the Union of India as the terrorists have lost local support and their agenda is finding no takers. A new dawn has already broken in the Himalayan region and the end of terrorism is not that far away.