Russia's Sukhoi-35 fighter jets are proving to be a failure in Ukraine's war! India has also been offered

Kyiv: It is now more than 6 months since the Ukrainian war began and Russia has suffered a major setback in the Kharkiv region. Ukraine’s President Zelensky claims that he has liberated about 2,000 km of territory from Russian occupation. In the midst of this advance to Ukraine, Western defence experts are raising big questions about Russia’s air power. Most of their target is Russia’s Sukhoi-35 fighter jet, which until the start of this war, Moscow had described as the most invincible fighter jet of the fourth generation. Not only this, Russia has also offered this fighter jet to India. It is being told that Iran, which is facing US sanctions, is interested in this Russian fighter jet.

Western analysts say that in this 6-month war in Ukraine, Russian fighter jets have suffered many setbacks. Three Russian buyer countries have cancelled orders for Sukhoi-35 fighter jets on the grounds that they have several shortcomings. Not only this, Russia has reportedly lost two squadrons of Sukhoi-35 in the Ukraine war. Not only this, the fighter jet, which is called the pride of the Russian Air Force, is now becoming a big headache for Putin. This Russian aircraft is made up of two variants of Sukhoi-27. The airframe of the Russian aircraft, which specializes in acrobatics, was built by the Russian defence company Sukhoi during the Cold War.

Russia built the Sukhoi-27 to compete with the American fourth generation aircraft F-15 "Eagle" and F-14 "Tomcat". It was considered Russia’s most powerful fighter jet at that time. The current Sukhoi-35 fighter jet name dates back to the 1980s. However, the current Sukhoi-35 fighter jet is a completely different fighter jet. Its capacity and strength are also quite different from before. UAC, the maker of the Sukhoi-35, says that the aircraft is an expert in aerobatics, has state-of-the-art equipment, high supersonic speed and long-range capability.

He had said that due to the electronic warfare system, very low radar grip and the power to evade enemy missiles, it is a very effective plane for war. Russia may have claimed this, but this plane has been exposed in the Ukraine war. Western analysts say that while American aircraft use state-of-the-art AESA radar, the Sukhoi-35 has Irbis-E passive electronically scanned array radar, which makes it easier to catch the enemy. At least two Russian Sukhoi-35 fighter jets have been confirmed to have been shot down in the Ukraine war. However, Ukraine claims that it has shot down 24 Sukhoi-35 fighter jets.

This Russian fighter jet is worth $ 85 million. Russia has reportedly offered two of its fighter jets to the Indian Air Force for a deal for 114 multi-role jets. One of these is Sukhoi-35 and the other is MiG-35 fighter. This whole deal is worth 1.3 trillion. Earlier, Indonesia and Egypt cancelled the order for this fighter jet from Russia. This is being considered a big blow to Russia’s arms industry. However, India has not yet rejected the offer of Sukhoi-35 jets for the fresh tender.