IAF has issued an Acceptance of Necessity (AoN) for procurement of 106 (One Hundred Six) Inertial Navigation System under 'Buy Indian' category.

The broad details in respect of ‘Inertial Navigation System are as under:

The system should be mounted on a light vehicle and contain GPS, Inertial Measuring Unit, Control and Display Unit, Optical Device for transferring orientation, Laser Range Finder and power supply modules. It should have adequate arrangements to provide shock protection during handling and 
withstand road and cross country vibrations of the vehicle during operation.

The equipment should be light vehicle mounted. The overall weight of the system less the vehicle should not exceed 150 kgs.

The system should provide fixation and orientation information in geographical coordinates and in grid coordinates in UTM grid and in Indian grid system in polyconic and Lambert’s Conical Orthomorphic/Lamberts conical conformal projections referenced to WGS-84 datum and Everest Spheroid Indian datum as per Indian grid zones. The system should be IRNSS compatible.


(a) Should have alignment time not more than 5 minutes
(b) Should have facility for zero velocity update (ZUPT)
(c) Should have BITE facility
(d) Should have the facility for manual feed of known coordinates
(e) When selected by operator, the system with the aid of GPS should be able to function without the need for vehicle to stop/ZUPT. The system should be able to give the accuracies with/ without the use of differential corrections.