Indian Army aims to procure 10 numbers of Runway Independent (RWI) Remotely Piloted Aircraft System under the ‘Buy (Indian)’ in accordance within the provisions of DAP-2020.

Runway Independent (RWI) Remotely Piloted Aircraft System is ideal for a dynamic sensor-shooter linkage, reducing fixed-wing launch and recovery challenges while freeing troops from stationary runway constraints.

System Configuration:

The Tac RPAS (RWI) system should consist of the following subsystems:

(a) Aerial Vehicle (AV)
(b) Sensor package/ Payloads (Day and Night)
(c) Ground Control Station (GCS) to include power source/generator
(d) Remote Video Terminals (RVT)
(e) Inter and intra communication system
(f) Facility to transmit imagery in real time/ near real time to the end user

Other Key Features

Geo reference should be based on Indian Military Grid Reference (Defence Series Maps (DSM)) and the equipment display console should be able to simultaneously read out 10 figure grid reference as well as Geographical coordinates in degree-minutes-seconds format. The RPAS should be capable of Vertical Take Off Landing (VTOL) in the Launch and Recovery category.

The Operating Altitude should be up to 4000 M (13,000ft) above Mean Sea Level with an altitude ceiling of up to 5000 M (16,000 ft) above Mean Sea Level. The endurance is required to be 4 hours or more with maximum All Up Weight (AUW) from take-off to landing.