Karachi: After a woman was allegedly arrested for involvement in the desecration of the Holy Quran, an angry mob stormed the police station in Karachi in order to attack the woman held in the case, Dawn reported citing the police officials.

Booked in a case of blasphemy, the arrested woman was said to be emotionally weak and getting treatment, Dawn reported.

The incident took place on Thursday when outrageous protestors forcefully entered the New Karachi area police station in an attempt to take the law into their hands as they were not satisfied with the legal course of action and wanted to punish the suspect on their own.

Following the tedious situation and outrage among protestors demanding strong punishment for the woman, heavy contingents of police and Rangers moved to the scene.

Later, Area SHO Ahmed Nawaz told Dawn that the law enforcers prevented the situation from deteriorating and dispersed the mob.

As per the FIR, the copy of the Holy Quran, handed over to the police by the two women, was partially burnt.

Several videos were also circulating on social media regarding the incident in which the suspect was visbly answering questions as to why she burnt Quran. "I am Jew ... Muslims are against Jews ... that's why," she replied, as per Dawn.

However, the area SHO underlined the suspect was Muslim and originally hailed from Dadu, and lived in New Karachi.

Activists say that human rights in Pakistan records have touched a new low with several media reports and global bodies reflecting the dire situation for women, minorities, children, and media persons in the country.

The situation faced by the Hindu and Christian groups in the South Asian country is bad in general, but women from these communities are the worst victims of discriminatory attitudes of the authorities, political groups, religious parties, the feudal structure, and the Muslim majority.

The deplorable condition of minorities in Pakistan, including abductions, murder, rapes, and forced conversions has been an alarming concern. The violence against women and minorities in Pakistan has become even more rampant. The country has witnessed widespread protests from minorities in recent days, however, there have been no actions from the local administration or Pakistan government to curb the violation of human rights.