New Delhi: The Chinese scientific research vessel Yang Wang-5, which had entered Indian Ocean Region (IOR) a few days back, has now moved out of the area, Navy sources said on Tuesday and noted that the vessel was being constantly monitored.

The sources said that the vessel was being constantly monitored by Indian Navy assets including long-range surveillance drones and maritime patrol aircraft.

The Indian Navy had been monitoring the Chinese research vessel from the time it entered IOR.

The vessel, known to be fitted with tracking and surveillance devices, had entered the Indian Ocean Region through the Sunda straits

Indian Navy's assets in the IOR and the aerial surveillance capabilities ensure that the Navy maintains a comprehensive maritime domain awareness in the region.

There have been attempts by China to increase the deployment of its research vessels in the IOR. 'Yuan Wang 5' had docked at Hambantota in Sri Lanka in August after being initially told to defer the visit.

Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar had said earlier this month that the Indian Navy is keeping a close watch on all developments in the Indian Ocean, including the movement of Chinese Navy ships that operate in the region.

"There are a lot of Chinese ships which operate in the Indian Ocean Region. We have about 4-6 PLA Navy ships, then some research vessels which operate. A large number of Chinese fishing vessels operate in the Indian Ocean Region. We keep a close watch on all developments," the Navy Chief said during an annual presser.

He noted that nearly 60-odd other extra-regional forces are always present in Indian Ocean Region (IOR).

"We are aware it's a vital region where there is a large amount of trade which transits, energy flows which happen. Our job is to see that India's interests in the maritime domain are protected," he added.