Sindh: Improvised explosive devices planted at the foundations of power pylons exploded late on Tuesday night. The explosion partially damaged two pylons of high transmission lines of the National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC) in Jamshoro, Dawn reported.

The Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army (SRA) is said to have claimed responsibility for blowing up the pylons. The SRA said that they wanted to target all supply lines to Punjab. The explosions happened at towers No 467 and 463 located in a mountainous area between Indus and M9 highways, as per the Dawn report. The bomb disposal squad reached the site of an explosion in Jamshoro.

An official of the Bomb disposal squad who reached the site after the blasts said that the four foundation pillars of tower 467 were partially damaged with around 100 grams of explosives.

The Bomb disposal squad official said that two pillars of tower 463 were completely damaged with the use of 200 grams of explosives.

He said that a few pieces of adhesive tape were found at the blast locations, as per the Dawn report. According to the Bomb disposal official, the explosives were believed to be detonated through non-electrical devices. The official further said that the blasts did not impact the supply of transmission lines.

Meanwhile, Jamshoro SSP Imran Qureshi said that police were conducting an investigation regarding the subversive activity in the mountainous region, as per the news report. Qureshi further stated that National Transmission and Dispatch Company's staff will formally register an FIR about the incident.