Mahindra has announced an order for 1,470 units of the Scorpio Classic vehicle for use by the Indian Army. The special vehicles would be used by 12 units of the Indian army. Not only is this another feather in the cap for the manufacturer, it further adds to the legend of Scorpio.

Mahindra Scorpio Classic in its newest avatar was made available in August 2022. Alongside the new twin peaks logo, the front was updated. This included changes to the headlamps, DRLs, and foglights. Front bumper and grille too. Among other changes was the use of the ‘Classic’ badge.

With Scorpio having been in production for a number of years, its long history in the market has helped to establish a strong brand identity for the brand. The military often utilises vehicles that are specifically/specially kitted – designed for rugged use and harsh conditions.

In some instances they need specially kitted regular/ passenger vehicles that are tasked to undertake pre-defined roles. This could include patrols or personnel transfers, and so on. And no, such specifics are never in the public domain.

Military Vehicle Are Specially Kitted

A lot of what we deal with everyday has to do with perception, and people generally perceive brands associated with the military as reliable and durable. However, it is important to note that just because a brand is associated with the military, it does not mean that the specific product, which is specially kitted out, is available or suitable for an individual’s needs.

For the ordinary consumer, it translates into a belief that a vehicle is reliable, durable, and suitable for a wide range of uses. By associating the brand with the army, which is associated with strength and dependability, consumer trust in a brand and its products does increase.

Using a vehicle being used by the military as a talking point is an effective marketing strategy, which has been used frequently by manufacturers that supply army vehicles. Folks believe that the specific conditions and requirements of military usage can be demanding and rigorous. And this assures the consumer that the product will stand up well in more common/daily use.

It goes without saying that factors such as safety ratings, consumer reviews, and personal experience is what needs to be taken into consideration when assessing a vehicle’s reliability. And the Scorpio has been acing numbers on that front. Sales in December 2022 touched the 7k unit mark.