New Delhi: The Voice of the Global South Summit is an excellent opportunity to bring to the forefront of global politics the most pressing issues of the developing world, said Ecuador's envoy to India, Francisco Teodoro Maldonado Guevara on Friday.

India hosted a two-day Voice of Global South Summit on January 12-13. The Summit was held in a virtual format, with 10 sessions in total. It saw the participation of Leaders and Ministers from 125 countries of the Global South.

"The Voice of the Global South Summit is an excellent opportunity to bring to the forefront of global politics and decision-making, the most pressing and urgent issues of the developing world, from the particular perspective of each developing country," ambassador Guevara said at the Voice of Global South Summit.

"We congratulate the government of India for this unique initiative which Ecuador welcomes and hopes will result in a productive dialogue and plan of action between the most developed world and the global south countries in the context of the upcoming G20 meetings and beyond," he added.

In a press statement, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said India convened this one of a kind Summit to focus international attention on priorities, perspectives and concerns of the developing world.

This is particularly relevant as the world passes through a difficult period marked by challenges to health, food security, affordable access to energy, climate finance and technologies, and economic growth, MEA said.

The ministry said this summit is a timely reminder of what is at stake for over three-fourths of the planet's most vulnerable population to the deleterious impact of the several interlinked risks we confront.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi presided over the Inaugural Leaders' session on 12 January. This was followed by eight Ministerial-level thematic segments dedicated to addressing the most pressing concerns of the developing world. The Summit wrapped up on 13 January with a Concluding Leaders' Session also hosted by Prime Minister.

The participating Leaders appreciated and congratulated the leadership of the Prime Minister in hosting the Summit at a crucial juncture. They expressed hope that the Summit would serve as a catalyst for building a prosperous and inclusive future for the world that considers the Global South's needs.

The participating countries also recognized with appreciation that the Summit produced fruitful conversations and charted a new path through an action-oriented agenda that strives to address their priorities and challenges.

They underscored the agenda and quest for solutions to global challenges must include the voices of its biggest stakeholders, the Global South.