The Airborne Cooling System Test Facility which was established at Combat Aircraft Systems Development and Integration Centre (CASDIC), Bangalore as part of cooling system development project 'PRAVAH' was inaugurated on 27 April 2022. The Test Facility can simulate mass flow, inlet temperature and pressures experienced by the cooling system in different flight conditions for evaluation of its performance. Test Facility can also be used for generation of performance maps of the heat exchangers and air cycle machines used for airborne application.

Special provisions have been made in the Test Facility to simulate negative pressure experienced during flight at the exit scoop location of the cooling system. Variable heat load is also provided to check the performance of the cooling system against different heat loads.

The Facility can supply up to 1000 Kg/hr mass flow, inlet temperature can be varied from 0 to 150 0C and inlet pressures can be set up to 5 bar. With SCADA based close loop control system, required test point for the cooling system can be achieved accurately.