Bangalore: With technology acquiring centre stage in today's world, the majority of the weapons are operated through artificial intelligence, thereby eliminating the need for any in-person human presence, said Defence Minister Rajnath Singh in Bangalore on Sunday.

He was addressing Indian Army personnel and other persons on the occasion of 75th Army Day. This is the first time the event took place outside Delhi.

He said that with technology acquiring the centre stage in today's world, drones and underwater drones have emerged as basics. Today, the majority of weapons are operated through artificial intelligence, thereby eliminating the need for any in-person human presence. In these technology-intensive times, soldiers have become an amalgamation of humans and technology.

"I request our Armed forces to develop adaptation capabilities according to time. We should bring into practice what we have learned from conflicts like Ukraine and keep ourselves updated," he said.

He added big armies in the world are working on modernization and working on new thoughts, ideas, technology and organizational structure. They are doing research on new platforms and equipment. Keeping in mind future requirements, we should also work on strategies, tactics and policies.

"Earlier, security had two sides - Internal and External security. Internal security deals with law and order management while External security means the security of borders from any foreign elements. But in the last few years, the gap between Internal and external has narrowed. The new dimensions of security threats have made it difficult to categorise," added Rajnath.

In his address, he admired Indian Army for their service and for keeping the nation safe.

Similarly, the spirit of our soldiers from the 1965, 1971 and Kargil wars to the recent Galwan and Tawang clashes has not only increased India's respect in the world but also increased the faith of the army in the hearts of all the citizens of the country.

"Not only the Army, but the pilots of our Air Force and the Sailors of our Navy have always discharged the 'military dharma' by showing their skills and efficiency from time to time. Similarly, in humanitarian assistance and disaster management, the armed forces are a reliable partner not only for the country but also for friendly countries," Singh said.

He asserted that it is important to think about tomorrow, the day after tomorrow instead of today.

"Every today becomes tomorrow's yesterday. That's why the army or organization, which prepares itself only according to today, becomes old soon, and cannot remain effective for a long time. So it is necessary that instead of today, we think about tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, think about the next 25-30 years and work on it. This will pave the way for our security and prosperity in the future. Come, let us together take India forward, and build a developed and secure India from all sides," he said.