Lockheed's F-21 is an advanced aircraft, manufactured according to the Indian requirement

Self-reliant India is not about 100% indigenous development, but it is about integrating with the best capabilities in the world, according to William Blair of Lockheed Martin India

The requirements in India are opportunities for original equipment manufacturers from abroad, to have operations through partnership with India and take it to the next level, Blair, chief executive officer at Lockheed Martin India, said Prime's Sajeet Manghat on the sidelines of Aero India 2023 in Bangalore.

"When we talk of Atmanirbhar Bharat or self-reliant India, we have to look from the lens of how we partner with India," Blair said.

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics and Tata Advanced Systems Ltd. started a partnership to produce the tail of C-130J, not just for India but for global requirements. "We now produce over 190 C-130J empennage, and Tata Advanced Systems with Lockheed Martin is the sole source for global requirements," Blair said.

Regarding the order book, Blair said there is a significant backlog for the C-130J, and that is the "catalyst that keeps driving the growth of Tata-Lockheed Martin".

He underscored that the evolution of India's defence and aerospace ecosystem is robust now. Lockheed Martin has launched India Innovation Growth Programmes with many start-ups, he said.

Products For India

Lockheed Martin is offering C-130J—a multi-role medium-transport aircraft with short take-offs on high altitude and landing capabilities on unprepared runways.

Apart from that, the U.S. defence major is offering the F-21 fighter jet for the multi-role fighter aircraft requirement. Blair said they are offering 114 aircraft to the Indian Air Force.

The F-21 is an advanced aircraft, manufactured according to the Indian requirement. It has a triple missile launch adapter and cockpit interface with 5th generation capabilities. "F-21 is a whole package and more capable aircraft," he said.

The Javelin weapon is a well-known anti-tank guided missile and can be "the arrow in the quiver" for India, Blair said.

The firm is looking to bring the Javelin weapon to India and wants to co-produce it in the country. "Javelin compliments the Indian Army's needs," he said.

The MH-60 Romeo helicopter—anti-submarine and anti-surface with warfare capabilities—has been inducted to the Indian Navy,

The company is manufacturing S-92 helicopters with TATA Advanced Systems. Till date, 157 cabins have been manufactured in the joint venture, he said.