Islamabad: In Pakistan, 32 per cent more militant attacks were recorded in the month of February as compared to January 2023, Pakistan-based newspaper, The Nation reported.

However, despite an increase in militant attacks last month, the resultant deaths declined compared to January.

Militants carried out 58 terrorist attacks during the past month in which 62 people were killed including 27 civilians, 18 security forces personnel and 17 militants. In addition to that, as many as 134 people were injured in these attacks including 54 civilians and 80 security forces personnel, according to the statistics released by Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies (PICSS), an Islamabad- based think tank, Dawn reported.

According to PICSS's militancy data, this is for the first time after June 2015, that Pakistan faced 58 attacks in a single month. In February, 32 per cent more militant attacks were recorded but the number of deaths declined by 56 per cent compared to the preceding month.

The country's security forces in February, further stepped up their actions against the militant groups and killed at least 55 suspected militants. As many as 75 suspected militants were also arrested from across the country. The majority of the suspects were arrested from Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KB).

The highest number of militant attacks were reported from Balochistan where at least 22 attacks were recorded in which 25 people were killed and 61 injured, according to PICSS statistics.

Afghan Diaspora Network recently reported that the resurgence of Taliban in Afghanistan is proving fatal for Pakistan, as the militant affiliate of Afghan Taliban, the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is gaining leverage not only in the tribal zones of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan but also in other places.

The TTP, along with its foot soldiers, is finding safe havens in Afghanistan without any constraints, according to the Afghan Diaspora Network.

Recently, the TTP has warned of more attacks on Pakistan's law enforcement officers. The TTP in a statement said: "The policemen should stay away from our war with the slave army, otherwise the attacks on the safe havens of the top police officers will continue." It also mentioned, "This attack is a message to all the enemies of Islam and all the security agencies of Pakistan that the TTP will continue their fight for the implementation of Sharia in the country."