Islamabad: In two unexplained explosions that occurred on Monday at the heavily-guarded Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) police station in Kabal town of Swat district, at least 13 people--the majority of whom are thought to be policemen--were killed and 42 others were injured, The News International reported.

"The explosions took place at the CTD Police Station in Kabal in which 13 policemen were killed and 42 injured," a senior police official told The News here. The victims included several civilians as well.

Due to explosions, the nearby buildings also collapsed in the explosions.

"There were explosions at the CTD but we can't confirm it was a terrorist act. Actually, ammunition was dumped there that included some old mortar shells and it is most likely a mishap rather than terrorist activity. But our investigations are in the initial stages," the police official said further, according to The News International.

The official announced that inquiries had been opened to ascertain the precise cause of the explosion.

At first, it was stated that there had been two explosions at the police station. However, some witnesses said that there had been three consecutive explosions. The provincial government also declared an emergency in the hospitals of Peshawar as some of the critically injured people were being shifted to Peshawar, The News International reported.