Sann: A large number of Sindhis joined a protest rally in Sann town of Pakistan's Sindh province to condemn the forced conversion of Hindu girls, enforced disappearances and genocide of Sindhi political activists.

Organised by the Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM), the protesters also shouted slogans against China, condemning the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

They gathered in Sann town to mark the 28th death anniversary of the founder of modern Sindhi nationalism Sain G M Syed.

The Chairman of JSFM Sohail Abro raised his voice against the forced conversion of Hindu girls in Sindh and hit out at Mian Mithu, the extremist cleric accused of kidnapping and forcing religious conversions of Hindu teenage girls in Pakistan.

"Mian Mithu is the symbol of evil and provides an easy path for criminals to kidnap young and underage Sindhi girls in the name of Islam to forcibly convert them to Islam and after that he allows those criminals to rape/gang rape those innocent Sindhi girls," said Suhail Abro.

The protesters were carrying banners and placards with slogans such as "Stop Forced Conversion of Sindhi Girls", "Stop Disappearance and Genocide of Sindhi and Baloch Political workers", "No China Go China", "Sindhis reject CPEC corridor project", "Aliens should be expelled from Sindh" were displayed along with the national flag of Sindhudesh.

The slogans for "Free Sindhi and Baloch national workers and stop the forced conversion of Sindhi Hindu girls" were also written.

Young workers of the JSFM caravan broke the barriers set up by the Pakistani state agencies and travelled from across Sindh to reach Sann city Jamshoro, where young men and women along with their innocent children visited the shrine of their beloved leader and laid floral wreaths on his grave and paid homage with the national anthem followed by national salute.

The central leadership of Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM) Central Chairman Sohail Abro, Vice Chairman Zubair Sindhi, General Secretary Ghulam Hussain Shabrani, Amar Azadi, Sudhu Sindhi, Hafeez Deshi, and Pirh Sindhu jointly stated that Mian Mithu and Pirs of Bharchundi are agents of the Punjabi establishment and they are on their payroll to harass the Sindhis and divide them by their faith and religion.

JSFM strongly condemned all the evil efforts of these so-called mullahs and their evil faces.

On the other side Party Chairman Suhail Abro said it is time to unite all groups of Jeay Sindh who are struggling for Freedom and Sain G M Sayed is their symbol of struggle.

"We have to follow our symbol Saeen G M Sayed's struggle for the freedom of Sindhudesh and there is the only way to get the freedom of Sindhudesh from Punjabis," said Sohail Abro.