General Atomics has revealed a new munition for 155mm artillery pieces. It is called the Long-range Manoeuvring Projectile (LRMP).

At the Sea Air Space 2023 presentation, a US company representative noted that the 155mm new munition can be used by M777 artillery units, which have a 39 calibre barrel. The maximum range of the LRMP is 150 km.

In order for the munition to hit the target at maximum range, it has to reach a high altitude. The projectile then separates from the master device, unfolds its wings and heads towards the target at the given coordinates.

General Dynamics plans to carry out its first LRMP test by the end of this month, with comprehensive testing to follow at the end of the year. The company also intends to adapt the munition to match the ship's 127mm artillery. In this configuration, the maximum range will be reduced to 100km.

India may be keen to procure these highly potent and effective projectiles in the future for the Indian Army's M777 regiments, it could prove to a decisive weapon against its belligerent and hostile adversaries across the eastern and western borders.