Tokyo: Police in Japan have been carrying out a search at the home of a man who threw up an apparent pipe bomb prior to the speech by Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, NHK World-Japan reported.

Police have urged residents in the neighbourhood to stay away as explosives were used in the incident on Saturday. The police have arrested Kimura Ryuji on the spot on suspicion of forcible obstruction of business. Kimura Ryuji is a 24-year-old man from Hyogo Prefecture, as per the news report.

The suspect has reportedly said that he will only submit to questioning in the presence of his lawyers. Japanese PM Fumio Kishida was visiting a fishing port in Wakayama Prefecture to support a candidate vying for a seat in an upcoming Lower House by-election.

A cylindrical object was thrown into the crowd just as Kishida was about to begin his speech. After the incident, the Japanese PM was quickly escorted from the spot and was unharmed, NHK World-Japan reported.

According to authorities, one police officer suffered minor injuries. An investigative source revealed that one cylindrical object was connected with what is believed to be a wire, NHK World-Japan reported.

According to investigators, two such objects were found at the site - one exploded while the suspect had other when he was subdued. As per the news report, investigators have been analysing the structure of the explosive devices, suspecting that the devices could have been iron pipe bombs.

In a speech broadcast on Japan's public broadcaster NHK following the attack the prime minister said police were investigating the explosion and apologized for causing concern, adding that "we are fighting an important election for our country."

Video footage released by NHK shows members of the public fleeing and a man being arrested following the incident. The footage showed multiple men believed to be police officers, holding the suspect on the ground, CNN reported.

Other pictures showed a silver cylinder that appeared to have been thrown in Kishida's direction. As per the CNN report, another eyewitness also reported seeing "a silver cylinder," saying it "was thrown and then shone a bit before a big sound was heard."