The Indian Air Force (IAF) is pursuing the development of niche technologies in the field of space-based capabilities, data linking and artificial intelligence-based decision support system, said IAF Chief Air Chief Marshall VR Chaudhari on Tuesday.

He was speaking at an event, where he also mentioned about the future wars, saying: “We understand the imperative nature of joint planning and execution in future wars and are keen on integrating the efforts of the three services.” This was in reference to pending integration of the three services.

He listed out the challenges such as indigenous design, development and production of future capabilities. “The development of the next-generation aircraft, weapon systems and equipment will call for an ‘all of nation’ approach because no single entity will have the resources or the knowledge base to develop future battle-ready technology,” the IAF Chief said.

The aim, he said, should be to manufacture on our own rather than relying on minor indigenisation of foreign products. Path breaking technologies, artificial intelligence, robotics and autonomous systems are knocking at the doors of defence production.