Washington: The first launch of SpaceX Starship was called off at the last minute on Monday after a pressurization issue arose in the first stage, reported CNN.

The scheduled launch of the most powerful rocket ever constructed has been scrubbed after engineers could not troubleshoot a pressurization issue with the massive Super Heavy booster in time.

Engineers tried to troubleshoot a pressurization issue with the massive Super Heavy booster. But they couldn't quite figure it out in time, and today's launch has been scrubbed, reported CNN.

The countdown clock had less than 10 minutes on it, with SpaceX engineer John Insprucker saying they would work to determine when they can make the next attempt.

SpaceX is letting the countdown clock run down a bit more and run through a bit of a rehearsal for what they will do on the next launch attempt. They do have a launch window reserved for Tuesday opening at 7 am CT (8 am ET), but recycling will force them to wait a bit longer, at least 48 hours, reported CNN.

They will put the rocket through what's called a "recycle" -- taking out the super-chilled fuel and preparing for another attempt.

It was SpaceX's first attempt to launch its Starship rocket after years of testing. CEO Elon Musk described Starship as the vehicle that underpins SpaceX's founding purpose: sending humans to Mars for the first time.

The inaugural flight test will complete nearly one full lap of the planet, ending with a splashdown off Hawaii.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which licenses commercial rocket launches, granted the company's request for an uncrewed flight test of the rocket Friday.