Prime Minister Modi's visit to America has created a crucial turning point in the relationship between the two countries. The Modi-Biden meeting has resulted in understandings that will cement our footholds in various fields for many years to come and acknowledge India's political and economic importance like never before. There have been defence cooperation agreements before, but they were all unilateral. Defence cooperation, co-production, research and experimentation, and exchange of technology would never have been entered into. The reason why Modi's visit is a historic success is because America is ready for it now.

India's growth in the changing world and the strong leadership provided by Prime Minister Modi are confirmed with 100% surety. The recognition that India is the only Asian country that can be trusted to be America's closest friend is the reason why the agreements have extended to manufacturing and cooperation. Only the engine is procured from GE Aerospace for TEJAS, India's self-built light combat aircraft. The manufacturing of this engine will be started jointly by the American company and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited at the Nashik unit soon. A memorandum of understanding was signed. The technology of the GE-F414 engine will also be a part of this.

The biggest benefit we have achieved through the agreement is that India will become self-sufficient in the production of fighter aircraft engines in the future. The contract also includes prototype development, testing, and certification of the modern fighter jet using GE Aerospace's INS6 engine. Apart from this, on the basis of mutual understanding, the Defence Industrial Road Map, which provides policy direction for defence industries, has also been finalized. As part of this, the co-production of defence systems and collaborative research of technologies will take place. Modi's visit has opened a great avenue for defence cooperation in air, land, and sea. It was also agreed to strengthen marine conservation cooperation including underwater domain awareness.

Cooperation will also move into new areas of defence, including space and artificial intelligence. Both leaders reviewed the progress of master repair contracts with Indian shipyards and expressed satisfaction. All this will help open more opportunities for India in the future. The US is planning to open two new consulates in India in Bangalore and Ahmedabad. With the number of people going to America from India for work, business and visits increasing every year, this decision is quite welcome. In the past, leaders' visits have been limited to government-level collaborations, but contrary to that, the new agreements have also opened the way for US companies to embark on massive manufacturing projects in India with our private companies. This will lead to many job opportunities in India.

Modi also holds the record of being the only Indian Prime Minister to address a joint session of both houses of the US Congress twice. In the conference, Modi said that when he visited the US in 2014, India was the world's 10th largest economy and today it is the 5th largest economy. It will soon become the third largest economic power, he added. That means India will be at the forefront after America and China. To point out that women's empowerment is not just a word in India, Modi said that a woman from the tribal community has become the President of India. Some members of the US Congress have raised allegations of discrimination against minorities in India. As an indirect reply to this, he pointed out that the fruits of India's development are shared by all without discrimination.

"India is the land that gives space to all religions of the world. Important days of all religions are celebrated there. There are about 2500 political parties in India. About 20 different political parties are in power in different states.

There are 22 official languages. Apart from this, there are thousands of rural languages. However, we are speaking with one voice," Modi said. India is guided by the belief that the whole world is one family. India's foreign policy is based on this, Modi highlighted. Modi, who was doing yoga at the UN headquarters in New York on International Yoga Day, was viewed with respect by the people of America. The reception Modi received at the White House and elsewhere was unparalleled. Elon Musk's response that he is a fan of Modi, has also caused a stir among other businessmen in the world. Modi's visit to the US may even turn out to change the political equation in the Asian subcontinent.