The grand Silver Jubilee Year celebration by India-Russia JV entity BrahMos Aerospace culminated on a high note on Monday in the presence of the company's Founder CEO and MD Padma Bhushan Dr Dr Sivathanu Pillai.

Pillai addressed a gathering of BrahMos scientists, engineers and other staff members in the presence of Atul Dinkar Rane, (DG, BrahMos), DRDO and CEO and MD of BrahMos, Sanjeev K Joshi, Dy CEO, Praveen Pathak, Director, Market Promotion and Export and other esteemed officials.

He said, "With the BrahMos program, we proved to the world that India was the first country to have a supersonic cruise missile system."

"India had thus broken the 'Fifth Nation Syndrome', as was once said by former President and 'Missile Man' of India Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, the Founder and CEO of BrahMos, who played a pivotal role in the Military-Technology partnership programme between India and Russia", he added.

Dwelling upon the many milestones the JV entity has achieved since its formation on February 12, 1998, followed by the maiden successful launch of supersonic BrahMos on June 12, 2001, Pillai said that the thought process in establishing a unique organisation like BrahMos was completely different.

"Every challenge was accepted...We never said 'No' to any challenge," he said.

Referring to the current geopolitical volatility, Dr Pillai, while equating BrahMos to 'Brahmastra' of the 21st century, said, "In a democracy, only a strong Nation can advocate peace. And a powerful weapon like BrahMos gives strength to India to advocate peace in the world."

He appreciated the efforts of BrahMos Aerospace in developing more advanced variants of BrahMos, including the BrahMos Next-Generation (NG) and hypersonic BrahMos.

"We can work on hypersonics and can definitely prove (to the world) that we are capable here too," Dr Pillai said.

BrahMos Chief Atul D Rane in his remarks said that it takes a lot of courage and fortitude and Dr. Pillai had the vision to lead the JV programme from the front...he's one of the best leaders one could have.

"If BrahMos today stands on any pillar, then Dr Pillai is that pillar," Rane said.

On this occasion, Dr Pillai inaugurated the BrahMos auditorium which has been dedicated to him and named 'Dr A Sivathanu Pillai' auditorium. The 'Founders Gallery section of BrahMos Museum also showcases the many awards and accolades he has received throughout his long, illustrious career as an iconic scientist of India.

BrahMos work centres at Hyderabad, Nagpur and Pilani also celebrated BrahMos 'Silver Jubilee' event in a grand way. CEO and MD Atul D Rane addressed the staff in these work centres in virtual mode.

Previously, BrahMos organised 'BRAHMOS Users Meet 2023' on May 31, and 'Industry Meet 2023' on June 2, to commemorate '25 Supersonic Years of Success' of the JV programme involving DRDO of India and NPOM of Russia.