A specialised heliborne operation showcasing synergy between Indian army and Air Force

Indian Army Corps collaborated with the Indian Air Force in a specialized heliborne exercise, techniques for enhanced ground-air force synergy

The Battle Axe Division, the 12th infantry division of the Indian Army, collaborated with the Indian Air Force (IAF) in a specialised Heliborne Operations exercise on September 9. According to Army officials, this particular training was focused on refining swift insertion techniques with the ultimate aim of enhancing integration and operational synergy between the ground and air forces. — Southern Command INDIAN ARMY (@IaSouthern) September 9, 2023

The ‘cooperation’ drill can be simplified as a special 'helicopter operation' involving the rapid deployment of personnel, in this case, personnel from the army, or equipment via helicopters (of the Indian Air Force) to a specific location, often for tactical or covert purposes, requiring precision and efficiency.

This collaborative effort follows a series of joint exercises conducted on September 1, where personnel from the Indian Army, Navy, and IAF engaged in helocasting training and a Tri-Services Combat Underwater Diving Exercise in the rugged and high-altitude terrains of Sikkim. Air Force officials emphasised that this training aimed to demonstrate the 'unity of purpose' among the armed forces.

The Trishakti Corps of the Indian Army underscored the success of the exercises, highlighting the demonstrated synergy, jointness, and integration among the branches.

These terms, synergy, jointness, and integration, have been common for a while now. All this, in the end, means preparation ahead of the impending theaterisation of the armed forces and the formation of Theater commands to ensure each region within the quadrant of commands is secure, and the three branches in a particular quadrant are interoperable and can work together to defend or mount an offence 'seamlessly'.

This unified training effort is bolstered by the recent passage of the Inter-Services Organisation (Command, Control & Discipline) Bill in 2023. According to Defence officials, "The Bill would also pave the way for much greater integration and jointness among the three Services, laying a strong foundation for the creation of Joint Structures in times to come and further improving the functioning of the Armed Forces."