Tel Aviv: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday at the Kirya (IDF headquarters) in Tel Aviv met with Czech Republic Prime Minister Petr Fiala.

"October 7th was the most tragic day for Israel and Jewish people for decades," said Fiala. "The pictures and videos which we have seen are shocking, really shocking. These acts of violence have no place in our world. I want to make it very clear: the Czech Republic stands with Israel, now and ever. And like 75 years ago, you can count on our voice and support."

Fiala mentioned that Czech companies supplied Israel with 3,000 pieces of ballistic plates - bulletproof body armour - and said they have the option to send more.

"Israel has an absolute right to defend itself," he added. "Terrorists still have more than 200 hostages. I feel deeply with all families. The international community must push for their unconditional release."

The Czech Prime Minister said that on Thursday he is going to Brussels for a European Council meeting, where his goal is to "ensure that the Council confirms the strong support for Israel and its right to defend itself."

"Hamas is our common enemy," he declared. "We must ensure that it is isolated. And it is on EU terror list for years and now we must act. So, dear Prime Minister, Israel can count on Czech Republic. We are with you as we always have been."